Out-of-Game Communications

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Discord is an gamer based communications tool that has taken off massively for our corporation. There is a lot of activity there, and huge amounts of information is shared daily, game related or otherwise. There is also an excellent phone app version that most of us use. It is highly suggested (mandatory) that you get involved, there’s a lot of fun stuff going on as well as pings for big fights and ops.

To get started, simply in auth enable the service. If you don't currently have an account with Discord, create one and it will automatically add you to the correct discord.

To edit you Discord notification please check this Youtube video. (NOT A WANGS YOUTUBER)

Visit the Auth page for more help

Fleet Up

WANGS maintains a Fleet Up site, where you can view our doctrines and determine which you still need to train for. This site also allows us to assess how many of our pilots can fly a proposed doctrine, and is an all-around useful tool for fleet management. Sign-up is mandatory, but simple. Please remember to include your API and register with your in-game name.


Teamspeak 3

While in game we utilize Teamspeak 3 for our communication. Teamspeak 3 is a superior quality voice communication system which can handle the high volume of traffic that we use. You will need a headset with a mic We have many channels set up for the various activity that we preform. Teamspeak 3 runs in the background and utilize a push to talk set up (Required for WANGS comms).

To get started, in auth enable the service. If you don't currently have Teamspeak downloaded click here to get it.

Visit the Auth page for more help

Exporting Your TS3 Profile

If you need to have access to Teamspeak on another computer, you are able to export your profile keeping you connected to auth.

  1. In TS3, go to Settings -> Identities
Export TS3 Step 1.png

2. Click the export button on the Active Identity. (This will be the bolded one)

Export TS3 Profile Step 2.png

3. This will create an .ini file that will contain your profile. This file is very important so do not lose this or leak it. Transfer this to the new computer and follow the previous instructions and choose import instead of export.