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Wangs is an alliance that operates under a few simple principles

1.) No Drama- This is a rule that RDRAW kind of built our corporation around. Eve is just a game and when we log in we want to be able to escape the bull shit of the real world and enjoy ourselves. Its ok to be a dick just don’t be a disrespectful dick. Common scene is key. If a member violates this, we ask that CEO address the issue and removes the problem if need be swiftly.

2.) Activity- The alliance has set a minimum activity requirement of 15 pilots per month or 30% over all of the crop (whichever is greater). The goal should be at least 60% active members per corp. A recommended policy to adopt is member that have not logged in for 30 days or killed anything in 45 should be removed from corp. Exceptions do sometimes apply.

3.) Active Leadership- All corps joining the alliance are expected to have an active leadership group or person. This group or person needs to be able to make changes or decision for the corp if need be. These groups or people are expecting to contribute to conversations on help with the health and growth of the alliance.

4.) No Schneckting (Be a team player)- All members off the alliance are expected to train towards doctrine ships. This doesn’t mean 100% of the skill plan should be doctrine related but it should be a priority. Members are expected to have the ships they can fly in their hanger and ready to go

5.) Alt in corps- As an alliance we want to try and eliminate bloat. Keeping alts to a minimum in alliance corps is key. Recommendation on this is have only mains in the alliance corp and alts in one of the several alt corps we have set up. These corps will be set +10 to us and our allies. We ask that each corp only have 1 alt corp for bluing with allies.

6.) Active FC- Each crop is expected to have at least 1 active FC running fleets that are open to the alliance. Each corp should run at least 1 fleet sponsored by that corp every 2 weeks. The fleet can consist of anything with an objective of helping the alliance. Example, gaining kills, mining op, sov timers, ext.

7.) Goals- The alliance has several goals that we are working on at any given time. These goals can consist of anything from resource acquisition for alliance assets to a certain kill matric. As an alliance we should all be working towards completing these.

8.) Cap alts- We believe very strongly in Cap alts. It offers a different dynamic to the game play that isn’t often achieve by cap mains. This message is pushed heavily by the alliance leadership and we ask that it is the same in you corp.

9.) API’s- All members of the alliance are expecting to have a full account API for the account or accounts that they have in the alliance. What it breaks down to is the security of the alliance trumps the security of one person. Alliance services such as Teamspeak and Discord are all handle automatically though Auth. When a change to an API key is make like the key expires, a member leaves the alliance or is kick these services are cut off automatically almost instantly.

10.) Standings- While we are still a faction warfare corporation all corps are expected to maintain their own standings. The alliance can help jump start the effort, but all corps are expected to maintain them after this assistance.