Wormhole Campus

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One of our newest programs, WANGS has claimed and set up a C3 Wormhole Campus for alliance members and their alts. The citadel will be open to alts of WANGS pilots through our non-FW friendly alt corp Emergency Exit.

The intention here is to provide a relatively “safe” place for our alts to make a little isk while our mains are out fighting the good fight. The citadel is owned by Emergency Exit, so if you’re looking to apply with an alt, that’s the corp you should apply to…

The features of this hole are many:

•    Thirteen planets, including 1 of each type except for Ice. That means that you guys who do PI can make a lot of isk passively with little effort. (more on this later) Now, I know you might be saying, but Uncle Tooth, why move from Sujarento? The short answer is that planets in wormholes produce a lot more PI materials than POCOs in lowsec…a lot more.

•    Numerous combat sites that can be run solo or in small groups, as well as easy access to other wormholes with similar sites. (training on wormholes is available)

•    Gas, data and relic sites for additional alt isk opportunities. Hell, there’s even mining for people who really hate themselves…err…I mean…love to do that kind of thing.

•    Because it always has a lowsec static, our wormhole can be defended by WANGS. We’ll be building a defense fleet inside the hole.

•    Also, because it’s a lowsec static hole, we have the opportunity for pvp opportunities. (Also, currently we have some residents that we’re in the process of displacing…so watch out for yourselves)

Now, because I know Tek/TnT and others would say this…having a wormhole to make isk inside does not absolve you from participating in PvP activities of the corp. If your WANGS main falls off the map because you’re spending all your time in the wormhole, you might find yourself released from your corp membership. That’s not a threat. It’s just a reminder that we have priorities and your WANGS priorities are not carebearing activities.

One of our WANGS members – Kara Belisarda – has been teaching Wormholes 101 for Eve Uni for a couple of years now. He has an alt in Emergency Exit (Rorhke Shardani) and is going to be scheduling some training classes for those of you not familiar with wormhole mechanics, etc.

Additionally, I’m planning to set up a PI Buyback program. Essentially, I’ll buy PI you produce inside the wormhole at the citadel. You’ll use Evepraisal.com and I’ll offer 80% of the Jita buy value for P1 materials, 85% of the Jita buy value of your P2 productions, and 90% of the Jita buy value for anything P3 or P4 produced.

More information as well as daily updates about wormhole stuff can be found in Slack at #wormholes. Also, we need folks who are part of WANGS and associated alt corps who are going to be in the wormhole to start using Pathfinder (https://www.pathfinder-w.space/) and logging your scanning activities.

Finally, there will be a tax rate for activities inside the wormhole. This isn’t a punitive thing. We’re just trying to recoup the investment made in this venture. Additionally, the funds will be used to defend the hole, add additional structures and other ventures. The final rate will be determined after we gauge interest in the WH campus.

Information will be posted on our WIKI page about wormholes as we proceed. Also...it's really damn easy to make an alt and make some isk in this wormhole. Take advantage of the opportunity.

Thanks. We hope you enjoy this additional money-making activity.