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These are some combat tactics and maneuvers that you will find essential in your time with RDRAW. Many include instructional videos. They are short and highly recommended. The selection below is merely demonstrative, and we are constantly adding more. Pilots are encouraged to review the full list of instructional videos here:


“MWD/CLOAK trick”

A technique for moving safely through lowsec, demonstrated here:

“Plex instaslide”

How to enter a Faction Warfare complex without getting caught by someone on the outside, demonstrated here:

T3D instawarp

All of the T3 Destroyers (Svipul, Confessor, Jackdaw, Hecate) can use a nifty trick to get around lowsec and be almost uncatcheable by gatecamps.

Very simply, if you jump into a camp, hold your cloak. If you are no already in Propulsion Mode, switch into it now (you can do this while cloaked). Then, click Warp To anything you intent to warp to, and very quickly afterwwards change into either Defensive or Sharpshooter mode. You will warp off almost instantly, and are only catchable if you have a 400mm plate and the camp has an instalocker.

Here is a demonstration:

Heating Defensive Mods

When you are taking fire in a fleet, you want to do everything you can to survive long enough for friendly reps to land. One of the most important ways to do this is to overheat your defensive mods. When they start hitting into your tank, overheat the active defense mods and, if you have access to a capital or mobile depot, carry spares to swap out as they burn out. This will significantly increase your resists and increase the chance that your ship will survive the deadly initial volleys.

You can overheat any active module by holding shift and clicking on it. Alternatively, you can heat a module by holding Alt and pressing your hotkey for that module e.g. Alt+F1 to heat guns (default hotkeys).

Gate Perch Trick

The “gate perch trick” is a method for aggressing neutrals on gates or station in Lowsec. Normally shooting a neutral will cause gate guns to start blapping you, but you can use this trick to avoid that.

Here’s a quick video to demonstrate it:

Note: you could also warp to anything other than a gate perch (station, planet etc) and the same effect would apply. Perches are best because they are the shortest warp distance.

How to Avoid Losing Pods to Smartbombs

To reduce chances of our pilots being smart bombed please take the following precautions:

1. If flying in your pod in low sec please use gate perches then warp to gates.

This may take longer getting home but it's a good practice and the few extra seconds can save your implants (This will put you out of the smart bombers pipeline and you have a higher chance of surviving).

2. If there are no gate perches warp to a random planet or belt then warp to the gate (This will hopefully put you out of the pipeline).

3. From this point on all smart bombers will be set orange with the corporation. So if there is a solid orange in system chances are it might be a smart bomber so outsmart them and follow the steps above. (Step 1 or 2).

In the event of you dieing to a smart bomber please mail me your loss so i can give the proper standing to the smart bomber.  If you know any smart bomber pilot names please mail Max Evangelion their names so he can update corporation standings.