Probe Scanning

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What is probing?

Probing is a method of finding objects, ships and hidden sites in space. Every ship in Eve with the exception of shuttles and freighters can fit a Scan Probe Launcher module to launch probes. Probes greatly increase both the number of types of objects that can be detected and the range at which they can be scanned.

Skills and equipment and ships.

Astrometrics (3x,  450K  ISK)

Astrometric Acquisition (5x, 450k ISK)

Astrometric Pinpointing (5x, 450k ISK)

Astrometric Rangefinding (8x, 450k ISK)


The deviation is the distance between the scan result shown on the map and the actual location of your target.

The actual deviation cannot be calculated at this time because it is unknown how CCP has factored signal strength into the equation. However, the maximum deviation, the worst case scenario, can be calculated. The stronger your signal strength, the less actual deviation you will have - therefore the deviation of your scan will always be less than the distance shown below. (Knowing your relative signal strength will help you get an idea of how far way that dot might actually be from your target.)

In order to calculate the maximum possible deviation you use the constants provided for the type of probe, the scan size your probes are set to, and your skill level of Astrometric Pinpointing.

Here is the formula:

Max Deviation = (Scan Range/Base Scan Range) × Base Maximum Deviation × (1 − Pinpointing Skill/10)

Below is a table that shows how your pinpointing skill affects the maximum possible deviation of scanner probes. Keep in mind that while Sisters probes and/or launchers have no effect on maximum deviation, they do have an effect on signal strength that will affect the deviation that you see in your scans.



Standard Equipment

  • Core Probe Launcher
  • Expanded Probe Launcher
  • Core Scanner Probe
  • Combat Scanner Probe


  • Sisters Core Probe Launcher
  • Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher
  • Sisters Core Scanner Probe
  • Sisters Combat Scanner Probe

Recommended Ships  

You can attach probe launchers to almost all ships.  But certain ships are designed for probing.

  • T1 - Magnate,  Heron, Imicus, and Probe.
  • T2 - Anathema, Buzzard, Helios, and Cheetah.
  • T3 - Each race of T3 cruiser can be fitted with an Emergent Locus Analyzer to get a probing bonus.
  • Faction -  Astero, Stratios, and Nestor.

Mid Slots - Scan Acquisition Array, Scan Pinpointing Array, and Scan Rangefinding Array.  (All 3 of these have a tech 1 and 2 variant.)

Rigs - Gravity Capacitor Upgrade (Has a Tier 1 and 2 variant.)

Implants -


Basic Probing Techniques.

To start launch your probes into space and get your ship safe either via cloaking or to a safe spot.

Press Alt + P to launch your probe screen:

probing window

From here you press the button in the upper right corner to open the solar system map


In this map you can move the probes around and increase and decrease their scan range.

There are 2 basic probe formations.   These formations can be controlled at the top of the Probe Screen.

Spread Formation - Used for scanning large areas to look for a signature.

Pinpoint Formation - Used to scan down signatures to a high enough signal to warp to.

Step 1:  Once you have found a signature you want to probe switch to the Pinpoint Formation and center the signature on the map in the middle of the probes on the X, Y, and Z axis. This is done by moving the arrows on the formation center in the map. From there hit analyze.


If done correctly the signature should be reduced down 1 item and you have a signal strength percentage. If it is not reduced down to 1 item, repeat step 1. From here lower the prob scan range by right clicking on the probe scan box in the map. Analyze again. Repeat this step until you get to 100% signal.

When done bookmark the spot and recover probes.

PRO TIP - You can set hotkeys to change the scan range of the probes and to analyze.   This will save you lots of time!

Cosmic Signatures

Types of Cosmic Signatures

Gas Sites

Gas Sites are gas clouds.

Utilizing this type of exploration site requires Gas Harvesting.

Relic Sites

Relic Sites contain Archaeology or Salvage items.

Utilizing this type of exploration site requires Archaeology.

Data Sites

Data Sites sites contain Hacking items.

Utilizing this type of exploration site requires Hacking.

Combat Sites

Combat Sites are locations to kill NPC Rats as well as getting rare DED modules as loot, faction modules, as well as rare blueprints.

Utilizing this type of exploration site requires combat skills. See DED Complexes on this Wiki.

Unstable Wormholes

Main article: Wormholes [NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN]

Wormholes are portals to and from Wormhole Space (W-Space) and Known Space (K-Space).

Combat Probing

It is possible to probe out player in space using combat probes.   This is a good way to kill players who are running missions, cosmic signatures, or hiding in a safe spot.   This is the hardest type of probing as most player watch for combat probes on their scanner so you have a limited amount of time to find them before they realize you are looking for them.

Bigger ships have bigger signatures and smaller ships have smaller signatures.   A battleship is much easier to find than a interceptor.   With the use of implants and rigs and ship bonuses ALL ships can be probed to 100%