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How to use Pathfinder


Pathfinder is an out-of-game browser based tool that we use to share information about cosmic signatures and wormhole connections. and log in with CREST.

The Map

The first thing you'll see once logged in is the pre-drawn map of our area of influence. If you wish to draw a map of any other area, click "+ add" in the right top corner of the page. The Nodes with a Lock icon represent nearby areas where you go by gates, the blue lines the gates in between them. Grey lines are wormhole connections. Click on any system to pull up its information. To draw a new connection, simply jump a wormhole with pathfinder running. You can also add systems manually by right clicking on the background and selecting "add system". To manually add a connection, left click on the right end of a System box and drag the line.

To move a system, hover over the left end of an unlocked system box, your cursor will turn into the grab icon. Hold and drag to move the system.

Cosmic Signatures

For the list of signatures, first click on a system box and then scroll down the page. You will see this on the left:


If you've probed all signatures in the system, first copy your scan results from inside the games probe scanner box. Ctrl+A will select the hole list, Ctrl+C to copy. Then on pathfinder click on the "signature reader" box, paste your clipboard to the box that pops up and tick "delete old". Only Delete old if you have all the signatures in the system on the list and havent ignored any. Whether youve probed down the signatures all the way or not does not matter.

You can manually add a signature by clicking the "+add" box and typing in the information.

You can add descriptions to a signature by clicking the pencil sign. An example use for this would be a case where a system has many wormholes in it and we want to use one of them. You can identify each of the wormholes destination by putting it in the description, for example "to Hirri", or if you want to be even more precise, "A239 to Hirri, end of life".

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