Making Isk and Personal Logistics

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This section of the Guide will address two, related issues:

1) the expense of buying and equipping ships in our home system and

2) more importantly, how to make sufficient isk to keep in fighting ships.

We kill and lose a lot of ships and it can be expensive to maintain. This section is intended to help remedy those issues. It will be broken down into the following subcategories for easier reference:

A) Efficient Use of Isk - the art of free logistics and buy orders

Buying and maintaining ships and equipment in Sujarento is as cheap and as easy as doing so in highsec. Remember that corp contracts have most or all of our common fits and doctrines, at a very small mark-up from jita. DO NOT rely upon the Sujarento IV market. It is not maintained by the corporation, and those that do sell on it are individual pilots. It's fine for random spot-buys, but you will be paying a high markup for convenience. I understand some of you come from nullsec and other areas where markets are formally maintained by corporations and alliances, but because we do not control docking rights here, anything we put on the market for cheap can be bought by the local pirates, wasting that effort. Instead, we have corp contracts and the JF service, discussed next.

To use the JF service for cheap ships and equipment, simply place a day-old alt in Jita. DO NOT buy outright; instead, figure out what you want in advance and place buy orders for the necessary hulls, rigs, and mods. You can use a number of programs to quickly and easily help you manage what you need, as discussed in this thread, including our own Fleet-Up and EveHQ. The cost difference between buy and sell is, in many cases, quite extreme.

After you have what you need, set up a FREE courier contract, as per the instructions in this wiki.

Congratulations. All of the ships and fittings you need are now in Sujarento, at the lowest possible price, for no markup and no logistics on your part.

B) FW Income Streams: Missioning and Plexing

There are two core ways of making isk in FW: plexing and missioning. Although you will make some passive LP in offensive fleets plexing for fights, if you need LP quickly it can be more efficient to farm a quiet system for a bit. This is pretty much the mining of FW: it's boring but will make decent money. If you're smart about it you can make 50M - 100M isk/hour in a cheap ship with this activity. A chart of LP payouts for various plexes can be found here:

FW missions are a more lucrative, but more involved, alternative. Gallente FW missions can be tough for new players, as they are ideally done with either a group, or a strong cloaky ship like a Proteus or MWD/Cloak Ishtar. However, they are not impossible, particularly if you organize a group to do them at the same time. A guide to missioning in FW can be found on this wiki. Depending upon your speed, luck, and tier level, FW missions yield 100-500M isk/hour.

In addition, the corp has recently begun a group mission running program, using relatively newbie-friendly ships. Keep an eye out in slack for"Carebear Fleets", and join the channel #carebears for more.

Finally, remember that the Corp LP Buyback program makes it quick and easy to convert your LP to isk. The current LP-to-isk conversion rate is in the corp MOTD; details on procedure are found in this wiki.

C) Non-FW Lowsec Income

There are many ways to make isk in lowsec other than farming LP. First, remember the Corp Recycling program, which will purchase your loot in Sujarento for 90% of the Jita buy price. This is a highly efficient way to sell your loot, from enemy wrecks to exploration, without the hassle of logistics. You’d be surprised how much isk can be made cleaning up battlefields after a fight.

Planetary Interaction (PI) is also a good, low investment and sp way to make isk. See the wiki page on PI and join the Slack channel #planetary-interaction for more.

WIKI: Planetary Interaction (PI)

Exploration is also an option for players, and includes combat and non-combat alternatives. The non-combat side includes includes gas mining, data and relic sites. Please note that these sites are frequently more valuable in nullsec or wormholes, so with decent skills it may be worth venturing further afield for better sites. in lowsec, expect to earn perhaps 30M isk/hour on average if you are smart and careful, but note that this number will vary wildly on each individual run (as averse to over time). Low barrier to entry in terms of SP and lots of opportunity for scaling in other sections of space. The Eve University wiki has excellent guides on exploration and hacking generally, for players brand new to the experience.

DED/Combat sites are the combat oriented alternative.

WIKI: DED Complexes

Similarly, belt rats (particularly clone soldiers and pirate faction rats) can be profitably hunted in belts and sites around lowsec.

A number of alliance FCs periodically run "money-making" fleets; these run sites, dive into wormholes, and generally teach their participants how to make ISK using PvE in Eve, while making it at the same time.

Finally, there are a number of highly profitable Level 5 Mission Agents in our home systems. Although it tends to require a decent amount of initial SP and ISK investment, Level 5's are among the most profitable PvE activities in Eve. Those interested in learning to run these should inquire in Slack.

D) Isk-making on Alts: Highsec, Nullsec, and Wormholes

Those with the means for multiple accounts, or interested in having a substantial alt, can access the isk-making potential of all of New Eden. A limited selection of examples include:

- Highsec missions and incursions. Missions are low intensity ways to farm isk, and can reach 30-40M/hour. Incursions rate much higher - around 200m isk/hour - but require aprox 5m SP and 500m Isk for a basic incursion running ship. Those interested in incursions should read this guide put together by one of our recruiters.

- Mining (other than gas mining) is low-income but easy and can be done in situations (i.e., sitting at a desk working on other things) where one might otherwise not be able to play. Highsec ice mining, using a properly tanked procurer, is worth around 15-20M/hour at most but is very low risk and requires basically no attention. This principle extends all the way to nullsec, where those interested can join renter groups to mine ice in relative peace in a backwater system.

- Ratting (i.e., farming npc pirates in asteroid belts and anomolies) can be done in wormholes or null (for any real value) as well as lowsec (not recommended), and ranges from the excitement of 'ninja' ratting someone else's system to planting a carrier alt in GSF's renter group and farming anomolies.

- Wormhole P.I. (see Planetary Interaction (PI) Wiki)

- Finally, Trading and Market Speculation is the true route to riches (Ouso’s opinion - Ed.) in Eve Online. Although you need some starting capital and a willingness to do research, there is no isk/hour cap on the amount you can make trading, and depending on how you go about it you can spend as little or as much time as you like. There are many guides and videos out there for those interested in learning about trading and hauling for isk, and anyone seeking tips and mentorship in this area should feel free to send an in-game mail or slack message to Ouso Borghese.