Fleet Operation and Interface

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New players often struggle with their overview. Setting up a fresh overview for effective Lowsec living can be  complicated and confusing. Instead of fucking around, use the overview of someone who had already figured it out. Here is a quick guide for how to get KEEWEE’S overview.

STEP 1: Make sure you have 5 tabs on your overview (or more). To create a new tab, right click any of your current overview tabs and it will give you the option to make a new one.

STEP 2: Join the in-game channel “ RDRAW NEW PLAYERS “ and click the link named KEEWEE.  To join a channel, click on the speech bubble in the top left of any chat window, type the name of the channel in the pop up window and then hit join. You can now leave the channel.

A quick explanation:

Travel: No ships, just important celestials such as gates and stations.

Main: Plexes, gates, friendlies and baddies. Use this in smaller fights and for general flying.

Drones: Just shootable enemy drones

Scan: Planets, moons, pocos, main celestials. Used for D-scanning stuff down,

Combat: Plexes and bad guys. Use this in bigger fights when you don’t want too much clutter on your overview.

If you’re really struggling with the overview, ask for one from one of your corpmates.

Broadcasting in Fleet

Video Demonstration found here:

STEP 1: Open your fleet window. It is in your NEOCOM under SOCIAL.  Drag this into your sidebar as you will need it a lot.


STEP 2: Click on the  icon in the bottom right until it changes to the four arrows pointing away from each other.


STEP 3: You can now broadcast for Armour or Shield using these two buttons.


STEP 4: Hotkeys and why you need to set them.

Press Escape and navigate to this window (below image). SET A HOTKEY TO BROADCAST FOR ARMOUR AND FOR SHIELD. Common option are numbers “1, 2, etc”, function keys “F1, F2, etc”, or even letter keys like “a” for armour and “s” for shield. Instead of clicking the icon in the fleet window, learn to always use these hotkeys to broadcast for reps.  Using a hotkey is a lot faster than finding the right icon in a window.  Hotkeys can be set up for many different things.  Consider your play style and set up the appropriate hotkeys for your skill set.


How to Acquire a Scan of an Enemy Fleet

NOTE: Also known as a Dingo or a Raynor

STEP 1: There are 2 main ways to accomplish this.  Firstly, if on grid with the fleet,  set your DSCAN range to its lowest range and set the angle to 360 degrees.  Hit scan and get to safety. Secondly, If you are  certain about the fleet  location use a 5 degree scan at the appropriate range and then hit SCAN. In either case after you have hit SCAN, CTRL-A, CTRL-C everything in the D-scan window to copy that information.

STEP 2: Use this link to the best D-scan tool. Bookmark it, it is VERY important.


STEP 3: Paste (CTRL-V) into the large box on the D-SCAN tool web page and then hit Parse.

STEP 4: Copy the URL link from your browser and paste it into the game (fleet, corp, or whatever channel is appropriate.) Press enter and wait for praise from an info hungry FC.


DOES THIS FORCE TOC? why is this so complicated