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This portion of the wiki covers the various WANGS fleet doctrines. Here, you will find the ship list for each doctrine, as well as an explanation of their proper use and tips for flying in each one.

The ships in each of these compositions are generally kept on-contract by the Alliance and its respective corporations, and pilots should keep the appropriate ships for each doctrine in their hangars. Every doctrine includes useful, low cost ships appropriate to low-SP characters. This includes specific options for each race of alpha clone in each composition.

Fittings for the ships can be found on fleet-up. Note that pilots are expected to be able to re-fit their ships based upon the request of their FC.

  • Lowsec Roaming Compositions: These are lower-cost fleet compositions used frequently by our FCs to roam for content or fight other roaming fleets. They tend to be heavier on support, tackle, and scouts, in order to increase engageability and maximize the chance of finding and catching targets.
  • Line Doctrines: These are our 'ships of the line', high-quality fleet doctrines used in important fleet actions, structure timers, and so forth. Although light tackle and other support are used with these fleets, FCs will usually emphasize maximizing their DPS and Logistics wings in these compositions, as they are expected to fight it out against other heavy doctrines on relatively static objectives.
  • Nullsec Doctrines: Compositions used for nullsec deployment, generally cheaper and longer-range than our standard doctrines.
  • Secondary Doctrines: Mostly compositions we use in coordination with our allies, these are not mandatory for WANGS pilots. However, they are included for reference, and recommended for anyone who can fly and afford them, as they are highly useful in BBC/PM/WANGS combined fleets.
  • Capitals: Some of the biggest ships in all of EVE, normally only called for by our most confident FCs and veteran-members. These are not required in WANGS but are some of the most useful ships to have on hand. Alts in capitals are preferred but if you've trained all doctrines and supporting skills on your main Dreadnoughts are useful to have on mains in certain circumstances. WANGS training priority is as follows: Dreadnought -> Force Auxiliary -> Carrier

More can be found at Fleet-Up