Faction Warfare Level 4 Missions

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Find 3+ friends who can fly Stealth Bombers, manticore and nemesis working best due to damage times. Bursts work well as logistics ships. Once you have your fleet of 4 or more pilots, those who have standings to accept the missions will travel to the mission hubs, and collect missions.

Once all missions are collected, the fleet regroups in the starting system. Once in system, the fleet member who has the mission can call out the name, and warp to it by right clicking in space, agent missions, warp to 10km. This will spawn the Acceleration gate beacon in the overview allowing other fleet members to warp to the site. Always have someone watching d-scan/local. Once completing the mission, warp out, and continue on to the next system. Continue this pattern until all missions are completed. Once the missions are completed and you are ready to turn them in, everyone docks into any station. ((this does not apply to Cutting the Net, see below))

For those who have not yet set their Agent Mission Rewards Preference, when turning in the first mission, you will be prompted with a dialog box, asking if you wish to share your rewards with your fleet mates (up to 10 pilots max) or to keep the rewards to yourself. Set to share rewards and continue on completing your missions. Once everyone's missions are turned in, feel free to drop fleet.

If you are unsure of whether your rewards are shared or not, go to your Esc menu >> Reset Settings Tab >> first column, little past halfway down, you'll see an Agent Rewards Preference. Reset the settings, and turn in a mission.

**insert Pics of Reset Settings Window, arrow to Rewards Preference**

Individual Mission Rundown

Cutting the Net - special

Objective: Collect and deliver the Tactical Information IV item, located in a cargo container in the second room.

Notes:  Don’t waste time killing rats, just burn towards the gates and the container. You must deliver the Tactical Information IV item to the agent you accepting the missions from. Can be Blitzed in a frigate.

Shades of Grey - industrial

Objective: Kill the State Industrial rats (x6). 80km from warp in.

Supply Interdiction - industrial

Objective: Kill the State Industrial rats (x3). 60km  from warp in.

Roidest Rage - industrial

Objective: Kill the State Industrial rats (x4/left spawn) 60km from warp in

Note: There is no acceleration Gate, warp lands you in an asteroid belt. 7 Industrials spawn, 4 on the left spawn are the necessary.

The Reprisal - battleship

Objective: Kill the Sector Commander rat. 65km from warp in.

Note: There is neuting at up to around 20km from the target.

Lethal Strike - battleship

Objective: Kill the Field Commander rat. 100km from warp in.

The Cost of Hubris - battleship

Objective: Kill the Fleet Commander rat. 100+km from warp in.

Dead Men Tell No Tales - structure

Objective: Destroy the Tactical Command Post (middle tower thing). 65km from warp in.

Note: Taibu State Shirasaya will scram/web

Halt the Invasion - structure

Objective: Destroy the Caldari Stargate. 75km from warp in.

Note: Has loads of hull HP. Long and boring mission. Hard to tank solo.

Uproot - structure

Objective: Destroy the Starbase Main Reactor. 70km from warp in.

Notes: There is a force field around the target, so you’ll need to be able to hit more than 20km or have drone dps. The target is quite tanky. There are several turrets which like to kill drones.

Solo Mission Guide

Solo Mission Running can be much more lucrative than running with your friends. More LP, and drops are yours. With more Reward, comes more risk. To solo lvl 4’s efficiently, requires a more skill intensive ship. Tech 3 Cruisers tend to be the Mainstay. Tengu or Proteus can do well in these mission Sites, whether blitzing or completing. Tech 3 Cruisers do not however, have enough substantial DPS to clear the STRUCTURE missions in a quick amount of time. They can be done, and bringing a mobile depot to refit your offensive subsystem is the best way to complete these in a more timely manner. Dual-boxing T3Cs is very lucrative in high (3+) tiers. Here is an example fit.

If you do not yet have the skills for tech 3 cruisers, Heavy Assault Cruisers may be a good secondary. Using a MWD/Cloak Trick to get thru gate camps would be your safest bet for completing missions, but always the risk of getting caught.

Tag Collection

The NPC’s in these mission sites drop Caldari Officer tags much like those that drop in offensive plexes. Collecting these tags during missions, can bring you additional income. Not just in selling to Jita, but at the FDU LP store as well, as they are required items for faction modules.

How to Set up PVE overview for missions

You don’t have to make many changes to your overview to make it ready for PVE. You can take a PVP Overview, and simply add all Entities and well as Large Collidable objects in the celestial type.

**Insert PIctures showing overview tabs**

types - Entity (all)

- Celestial (Large Collidable Objects)

Mission Accepting procedure

The accepting process of missions is relatively easy once you understand the rejection process. Once your in a Mission Hub, open a dialog box with your lvl 4 agent and request a mission. The agent will tell you the name of the mission, and where they want you to go.

If the mission you get is undesirable, I.E., In a pirate infested system, or a structure mission while soloing, you can decline the mission offer from the agent with standings loss. You can request a new mission from the agent, and if this mission is as well undesirable, DO NOT DECLINE IT. You can either accept or delay, and wait 16 hours before speaking with this agent for a mission again.

Systems to avoid:






















This list is somewhat outdated. Fly at your own discretion in these systems.