Faction Warfare Basics

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Faction Warfare Map

Dotlan provides a map that is easier to comprehend than the ingame map. Use this  link for the best overview map of the warzone:


Note: Our home system,Sujarento, is in the middle on the right-hand side.

Plex Mechanics

A very detailed guide to Faction Warfare and plexes (complexes) has been compiled by the people over at EVE University. It can be a bit of an information overload so here we shall just give the basics of plex running and a little bit on plex fighting. Please take the time to go to http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Factional_Warfare#Complexes and get more information as well as an overview of how FW ties together and the implications of our actions in and around plexes.

Plexes are deadspace. It is impossible to warp to a player at a plex. You will always land at 0 km of the acceleration gate.  This can end your day very quickly.

There are four types of complex or plex. These are Novice, Small, Medium and Large. The larger the plex the larger the permitted hull size. Novice, small and medium plex access is granted by activating an Acceleration gate which restricts hull size as follows.

Novice Plexes will permit T1 frigates and Faction Frigates.

Small Plexes will permit all Destroyers (T1 and T2) and all Frigate hulls T1 and T2.

Medium Plexes will permit Cruisers, T3Ds, Destroyers and all Frigate hulls. (T3 Cruisers are NOT permitted.)

Large Plexes are ungated, allowing anyone in any sized ship to warp directly to them.

Plexes are located randomly in space in FW systems. Opened plexes appear on your overview with names like Gallente Small Stronghold or Caldari Novice Outpost etc. A plex only appears on the overview after somebody has initiated a warp to it.


Unopened plexes can be found in your probe scanner.


This is accessed by clicking on the small radar like button to the left of your capacitor when undocked in space.


However you locate the plex, you can warp to it at range or at 0 kms.  It is highly recommended that if you are planning on entering a plex that you warp at 10 km. This is particularly important in larger ships.  Warping to an acceleration gate at 0 km often results in you bumping into the gate or getting stuck and being unable to activate the gate.  Anyone lurking in the area with a point will then attempt to kill you. As soon as you are pointed or scrammed on an acceleration gate you can no longer activate the gate.

FC’s often call for a fleet to ‘warp and slide’ or ‘warp and punch gate’. This means that you will warp to the desired plex at 10 km, as you are landing, select and highlight the acceleration gate in your overview and then spam ‘Activate Gate’ (the default keybind for this is ‘D’) to slide into the Plex. This maneuver makes it almost impossible for you to caught by an enemy fleet camping an acceleration gate.

Once inside the plex there are a few thing for you to take note of. The first is the rat, the NPC faction ship which is guarding the plex. These scale according to plex size, from Frigate to BattleCruiser. More on the rat later.  The next three closest things on your overview will be the plex itself 0 kms away, a capture point and a beacon.


The plex name, i.e. ‘Gallente Small Outpost’ at 0 m has a radius of 30kms. Inside that radius you can affect the timer of the plex.  You are ‘running the timer.’ Plexes take a base time of 10 and 15 minutes to complete in Novices and Smalls respectively and 20 minutes for Mediums and Larges.  The timer is stopped by either the presence of an enemy faction rat or by FW players from either the Caldari and Amarr factions. You cannot cloak inside that 30km radius.  So running timers in cloaked ships is not possible.  It is however, possible for ships to be cloaked up outside that 30km radius and be waiting to pounce on you. You have been warned!

The capture point appears as a target/dartboard icon in your overview.  You must remain with 29.9999kms of this point to run the timer.  It can be a useful anchor point for an orbit but otherwise serves no purpose.

The final icon which will appear is the beacon.  It is only called Beacon in your overview.  Make sure that Large Collidable Object is visible on your overview.  This is the point at which you and anyone else trying to get into the plex will arrive. FC’s might call for you to ‘zero up on the beacon/warp in’ or to get to your optimals of the beacon/warp in’ The beacon is the point at which you will orbit or approach if you are engaged in hostile action.

There are two kinds of Plexing activity. OFFENSIVE PLEXING and DEFENSIVE PLEXING. Offensive plexing or O-plexing happens in Caldari controlled systems and D-Plexing happens in Gallente controlled systems. O-plexing gives larger Loyalty point rewards than D-plexing but both are an essential part of FW play.  Please refer to the Eve University web page for further reading on how this works.



If you see Gallente Federation in the top left of your screen or the rat in the plex is called a Federation Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser or BattleCruiser….you are D-plexing.

When you are D-plexing, DO NOT KILL THE RAT.  The rat will ignore you. It won’t attack you or hinder you in anyway.  Killing the rat gives you a standings loss with Gallente Fed. This is a bad thing for a brave warrior fighting for guts and glory in the Gallente Militia.



If you see Caldari State in the top left of your screen or the rat is called a State frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser or BattleCruiser….you are O-plexing.

When you are O-plexing…..KILL THE BLOODY RAT!!! The rats respawn every 60-180 secondsish. The rat must be dead for you to be able to run the timer on the plex. One you are in position in the plex, either at range orbiting the beacon or zeroed up on it turn off any prop mods and engage the rat. They are very annoying and like to fly very quickly towards the farthest target. When in a fleet if you are the one orbiting at 60 km in a Maulus with an MWD going and the rat is chasing you about the plex, the rest of your fleet are going to be pissed off at you.

All the time you are in Faction Warfare D-Scan is your best friend. This is most important when you are in a Plex either O or D-plexing.  It is the only way for you to see what is outside your plex.  Setting the range on D-scan to it’s shortest range is considered by most to be a ‘Short Scan’.  Hearing someone say ‘Atron on short.’  means that someone has landed an Atron at the acceleration gate to the plex you are in.  Long scan can be anyway from 5-14 AU.  Watch D-scan.  Live to fight another day or take the fight and bring Glory to RDRAW.  D-scan helps you figure out which is likely to happen.  Beware though, Gangs will often warp a weak ship to a plex to make sure you engage and then bring in a larger fleet to kill you.

Plexes are deadspace. It is impossible to warp to a player at a plex. You will always land at 0 km of the acceleration gate.  This can end your day very quickly.

On a personal note: Please don’t put Warp Core Stabilizers on your ships when plexing. Learn to use D-scan.  Learn to run away when needed and when to fight. Warp Core Stabs are an obscenity that Squids fit. We are better than them. Don’t Do It!