DED Complexes

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What are DED Complexes.

DED (Directive Enforcement Department), the police enforcement arm of Concord, maintains detailed maps and reports on many Deadspace areas within the universe. Information from many of these reports is available to the public free of charge. A rating system is used to determine the danger associated with each complex. This rating is used to determine both the dangers involved and any restrictions on certain ship types that keep them from using the acceleration gates.


The DED report value also indicates what types of ships the acceleration gates are capable of handling (A player may also access a Deadspace using ship types from a DED rating below the category rating of the complex).

1/10 Frigate

2/10 Destroyer

3/10 Cruiser

4/10 Battlecruiser

5/10 Battleship

6+ No Restriction


How do I Find the Deadspace Complex?

DED Complexes can only be found via using scan probes. [INSERT LINK TO SCANNING WIKI]

What do I do once I Enter a Deadspace Complex?

Once you arrive at the complex, you will receive an incoming message to give you some information about the complex and its difficulty level.

Some complexes are very challenging and can not be completed by a solo player. At this point, there may be a need for combat as well as determining how the next gate may be activated. Gates are generally activated with a key, passcard or cipher, which are often well guarded by an overseer for that Deadspace pocket. Keys may be found within an on-site structure, such as an asteroid colony or a control tower (normally located centrally in every Deadspace pocket); you need to blow this up and loot it. Or, the key may simply be stored in a secured and guarded container. Keep in mind that not all gates need keys, and in those cases you need to try them out and see what they require (if you don't meet the requirements, you will receive notification).

Warning: The keys needed for some gates may be single use only, and disappear from your cargo hold once used. This means that you should enter the complex fully prepared, as you can't come out to restock on ammunition, or to come back with a salvaging ship. If you wish to take a fleet through such a gate, then everyone must be present and ready to activate it after the person with the key, in the short timeframe that it is unlocked.

What Do I Gain?

There is a lot of isk to be made through Deadspace complexes. There can be high bounties on the NPC’s. There is also a  chance of faction loot or faction ship blueprint copies dropping.