Corporation Contracts

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What are Corp Contracts?

Corporation contracts are the fastest, simplest way to access fitted doctrine ships. Everything from the trusty atron to the most devastating battleship are made available in Sujarento corp contracts thanks to our tireless logistics team.

Accessing the Contracts Tab

Click on the 3 bars at the top left of the screen on your NEOCOM. Slide down to the BUSINESS tab and then onto CONTRACTS.  (contracts can be dragged and dropped into your NEOCOM should you wish faster access.) A single left click will then bring up the CONTRACTS window.


Click on the AVAILABLE CONTRACTS tab which will bring up the window below.

Apply the settings from the image below to access RDRAW contracts. in Sujarento IV.


Some people try and sort through all contracts by price and find what they need. Don’t. It is a terrible way to search. Use these settings and search the type of ship hull you need. For example, If i need a caracal from contracts, I will type the word “caracal” into the “item type” box, and only caracals will appear. If you want to find contracts while you are NOT docked in Sujarento IV, change “Location” to “All Regions”.