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Logistics Guide: The Basics

Logistics are the foundation of any large fleet. From T1 frigs and cruisers up to Guardians and Carriers, Logi is the reason we can take fights.

video demonstration found here:

How to follow broadcasts and rep your comrades:

STEP 1: Broadcast Settings:

Open your Fleet window and access your broadcast settings.


Make sure you have the Need Armour/Shield boxes checked. You should also colour-code the broadcasts to make things easier. As Logi you should really keep the Target broadcast unchecked, but remember you can always change this on the fly and put it back if you assume a DPS role.


STEP 2: Best ways to lock and rep your bros.

If in a Logi role you should always have your Fleet window opened to the History tab with the Broadcast History filter set. If somebody in your fleet requires reps, it will look like this:


You can now CTRL+Left Click on those broadcasts to lock your buddy. You can then cycle your repairer modules on him, preferably using a hotkey to do so.

You can also add fleet members to your watchlist. As Logi you should ALWAYS have all other friendly Logi pilots, the FC and other key ships added to your watchlist,    Add your Logi anchor to the very top of the list to make Right Click Approaching him faster for you.  You can add up to fifteen pilots to the watchlist.

To add a fleet member to your watchlist, right click on their name in a chat channel, navigate to the ‘FLEET’ line, follow the arrow and then click on ‘Add to Watch List’.

Watch listed fleet members can be locked by simply CTRL+Left Clicking on them.

Advanced Logistics

Logistic Anchoring

In larger and more sophisticated fleets, logistics is frequently its own wing with a number of specialized concerns. A logistic wing will generally be headed by a Logi Anchor, who is responsible for maneuvering the logistics wing about the battlefield. Other logistics pilots “anchor” (i.e., approach) the Logi Anchor, allowing him or her to steer and the other logi pilots to focus upon the actual business of repairing their fleetmates’ ships. This is accomplished by simply selecting the Logi Anchor’s ship and hitting ‘approach’. It is strongly recommended that logistics pilots watchlist the logi anchor, as well as the other logistic pilots if feasible, to make this easier and facilitate awareness within the logistics wing.

The job of a Logi Anchor is difficult and rewarding, requiring high levels of situational awareness and a strong grasp of the logistics mechanics. It can be an excellent stepping-stone to FCing entire doctrine fleets.

Cap Chains

Some logistics ships, particularly those relied upon by RDRAW, are not capacitor stable; if they run their modules and reppers simultaneously, they will rapidly run out of capacitor and be useless. Capacitor chains, or cap chains for short, are the solution to this problem, as illustrated in this video:

As you can see in the video, each logistics ship locks up two others and activates 1 energy transfer on each. Determination of who each logistics pilot is responsible for ‘capping up’ is determined by relative position in the logistics channel, explained next.

When the logistics wings forms, the logi anchor will invite all the other logi pilots into a separate in-game channel. When this happens:

  1. watch list each person in the channel, plus the FC(s), backup target callers, and expensive ships, in that order.
  2. note your position in the member list. You will be responsible for ‘capping’ the pilots above and below you in the list. So, in the below example, Ouso would cap Pyro and Clear; Assetaline would be responsible for Camber and Tittness; etc.

Individual Tactics

When the logistics wing is put under pressure, there are a few options available. When incoming damage is excessive, as it is frequently before the fight winnows some of the attacking dps ships, alpha (or close to) is a concern. In these situations, pre-heating your repairers can make the difference between a save in hull and a lost ship.

When a logistics pilot become jammed or neuted, he should immediately note it in comms, the logistics channel, or both. If neuted, be clear whether it’s bad enough to prevent you from participating in the cap chain. Once a logi pilot is jammed, the remaining pilots should temporarily shift the cap chain to exclude the jammed pilot. To continue the above example, if Titness were jammed, Pyro would become responsible for capping Assetaline and Ouso


Video Demonstrations:

Logistics Basics Part 1

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