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What are Bookmarks/BMs?

Bookmarks are your life line.  They give you a place hide, a place to observe, a pounce to land on an enemy pilot or even an enemy fleet or even a way to avoid the smart bombing bastards looking to get the biggest pod kills in EVE history.

There are a lot of corporation bookmarks already set up.  It is VERY important to have your own bookmarks as CCP only allow 500 corporation bookmarks and there are thousands of systems.  There are several different types of bookmark insta-undocks, insta-docks, gate perches, mid-warp safes, deep space safes, off grid safes and off grid perches to name just a few.  The best way to make a set of bookmarks in a system is to get in an interceptor with a MWD and just starting burning.  If you can’t fly an interceptor then get in a frigate, fit an MWD and burn.

NOTE: The shortcut to create a new bookmark is Alt+B


Insta-docks are BM’s made just inside the docking ring of stations.  They are very simple to make.  Undock, fly towards the station but keeping the station at 0 kms.  When you feel comfortable open up the people and places tab.


On the new window click on add and name your bookmark.  It is strongly recommended that you use the same naming system in each and every system so that you don’t get confused.


Once the BM has been made you can warp to it without fear of landing short of the docking ring and being vulnerable for the few seconds it takes to make it inside.

Don’t forget to click on the station and dock (D is the default keybind for docking)


These are also easy to make.  Undock from the station in a fast ship.  When you undock you are moving at max velocity in a straight line away from the station.  Punch the microwarp drive and burn to a minimum of 150 km away from the station.  150 km is the minimum distance to be able to warp.  Beware that people trying to kill you will have made insta warp BM’s to 150 kms, 200 and possibly further to try and catch you undocking.  Making bookmarks that are 600 km or more away from the undock puts you off grid meaning that you won’t show up on another person’s overview.

To use this bookmark, simply undock and warp to the insta-undock BM.  It is advised that you then warp off somewhere else to avoid being chased.

Safe Spots

Safe Spots are BM’s in space that you can warp to in an emergency.  The aim of a bookmark is to get away to a point in space that nobody can find without scanning you down.  (People will scan you down, so dont sit still at a BM in space for too long.)

Safe spots can be made simply by creating the BM as you warp between 2 celestials.  These are not massively safe and you can make much better bookmarks by warping between bookmarks to create safe spots off warp paths.

Gate Perches

A gate perch is BM within 350 km of a gate.  These should be made off the warp routes.  Get in your fast ship, warp to within 100 km of a gate and then burn into space away from any other celestial.  Many perches are above or below a gate.  Again, make the BM more than 150 km from the gate so you can actually warp there from the gate.  On gates where you see a lot of action it is useful to have gate perches at the cardinal points, north, south up etc.

`Other bookmarks to set up are station safes.  These should be a couple of hundred km away from a station in a random direction.  They are used to observe activity on a station. or to give you a pounce to a fight or a GTFO bookmark when the fight isn’t going well.